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Scottoiler xSystem

The Scottoiler xSystem Kit

The main components of the kit are the xSystem unit, the new dispenser that makes installation the easiest yet, a 250ml bottle of Scottoil, tubing, clips, a set of installation instructions and an operating guide.

Easy to Install

Featured for the first time in the xSystem is the new and unique dispenser design.

With the xSystem Scottoiler are giving the user full control over where and how the dispenser can be mounted. The new multiform dispenser design uses high quality 3M tape that sticks to all surfaces and offers an easy and effective solution.

Compatible with all types of swingarms, left or right chain transmission systems and even single sided swingarms the new dispenser design makes the installation of the xSystem system even more reliable and discreet.

Easy to Use

The triple axis accelerometer ensures the xSystem only lubricates when you are moving. This guarantees lubrication only when you need it and allows for stop-start control.

Using this technology the unit will go into deep sleep mode when you finish your ride, drawing a minimal amount of power from your bike’s battery. When you start your next ride the xSystem will wake up from the sleep mode and continue maintaining your chain.

The xSystem has 5 flow-rate settings that allow for all types of riding conditions which are easily adjusted on the reservoir unit.

All Scottoiler motorbike chain oiler kits use Scottoil a specific oil developed for application through a motorbike chain lube system. This oil has a low tack additive to ensure dirt doesn’t stick letting the oil work on lubricating and protecting your chain.

To see how easy the Scottoiler is to install and use click the button on this page. 

Have a question  about the Scottoiler xSystem then simply go to our contacts page and fill in the contact form with your name, email address  together with the make, model and year of your bike.


  • Easy installation straight to the motorcycle battery 
  • Automatically lubricates your chain 
  • Significantly reduces motorbike chain maintenance
  • Extends the life of your chain and sprockets
  • Electronic Pumped feed
  • Automatic ambient temperature flow compensation
  • Flow adjustment on reservoir
  • Turns On with engine vibration
  • 60ml reservoir for up to 2400km range
  • 5 flow rate settings
  • Saves you time, money and hassle 

The Scottoiler xSystem is the easiest to install and most user friendly chain oiler yet. The revolutionary design makes the xSystem super compact whilst providing optimal chain lubrication. 

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