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eSystem main components

The Scottoiler eSystem Kit

The main components of the kit are a  Reservoir Electronic Pump (REP), an Electronic Display and control that mounts on the handlebars, Multiform Dispenser* (which feeds oil onto the chain and sprocket), a 250ml bottle of Scottoiler motorbike chain lube suitable for approximately 10,000 Kilometres and the parts required for a variety of fitting options.

The eSystem is the award winning, premium motorcycle chain lubrication system and the flagship model from Scottoiler.  Voted MCN Product of the Year (Accessory) its fantastic technical features, ease of installation and on the road performance combine to create the most advanced motorcycle chain maintenance tool Scottoiler have ever developed. When you connect an eSystem motorcycle chain oiler to your bike you have a system that automatically gets to work when you start your engine. 

The eSystem is designed to give the rider maximum flexibility and adjustability of their flow rate and allows for simple, one-touch changes on the handle bar mounted display to adjust the rate to suit conditions.  The system displays this information on the screen along with the flow rate, temperature in Celsius, and oil level alongside the accelerometer readout in ‘G’ .

The eSystem senses vibration and movement with a triple axis accelerometer, using technology derived from MotoGP.  It will sense when the engine is running and power on, then once moving - even at constant motorway cruising speeds - the sensor will monitor engine vibrations and trigger the eSystem’s oiling mode which electronically pumps the oil from the reservoir to the injector which feeds oil onto the chain and sprocket.

All Scottoiler motorbike chain oiler kits use Scottoil a specific oil developed for application through a motorbike chain lube system. This oil has a low tack additive to ensure dirt doesn’t stick letting the oil work on lubricating and protecting your chain.

Want to know how to fit a Scottoiler to your bike?  Go to our contacts page and fill in the contact form with your name, email address and the make, model and year of your bike and we will email back to you a model-specific installation guide.

Multiform Dispenser * : The V2 eSystem now uses the same dispenser system as the xSystem for even easier installation. Compatible with all types of swingarms, left or right chain transmission systems and even single sided swingarms the new multiform dispenser design makes the installation of the eSystem system even more reliable and discreet.


  • Automatically lubricates your chain by detecting riding speed.
  • Significantly reduces motorbike chain maintenance
  • Extends the life of your chain and sprockets
  • Electronic Pumped feed
  • Easy installation straight to the motorcycle battery
  • Automatic ambient temperature flow compensation
  • Adjustment on handlebars with 10 flow rate settings
  • Visual feedback on multifunction dashboard display
  • 60ml Reservoir  for up to 2400km range
  • Saves you time, money and hassle

The eSystem is an electronically pumped motorcycle chain oiler requiring only a small power feed from the battery to operate. It can be installed to most bikes in under an hour by connecting the REP wiring loom to the battery; this plug and play connectivity means the eSystem is the easiest electronic motorcycle chain oiler ever developed.  Unlike some other products there is no complicated wiring or tapping into speedometers or switches.